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About Us

Backed by an 27-acre resort-hotel at the Jim Corbett National Park, and a staff having 15 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry ARS Holidays Pvt. Ltd enjoys an enviable position in the tourism and hospitality industry. A registered company with the Government of India having its office in New Delhi and associate service offices all over the country we are in a position to provide unparallel services to all our guest’s needs.

ARS Holidays Pvt. Ltd specializes in the handling of:

Individual and Group Tour Programs: Years of experience, professionalism and attention to detail have been responsible for introducing the excitement, passion, culture and adventure of this sub-continent to the discerning traveler. The suggested programs in the attachment may not be considered the end and be all of our expertise. ARS Holidays Pvt. Ltd will be delighted to plan the most feasible itinerary with utmost care and personalized attention to suit the individual time, budget and interests of a traveler.

Special Interest Programs: With over a million square miles of scenic sights and a history spanning over 5000 years, India undoubtedly offers something for everybody. ARS Holidays Pvt. Ltd believes that these special activity-oriented programs must always revolve around the specific interests of the group members and should be filled with timely special events to capture the flavor of the country. These special interest programs can range anywhere from art and architecture, museum, religious, educational, or adventure-oriented.

Incentive Management: Incentive travel solely, is a business of creativity. And, this creativity lies in the understand the profile of the incentive promoter; suggesting a program that perfectly rhymes with that profile; and, execution of that program to make it a complete success. Beginning with a royal traditional welcome to the gala farewell celebrations, the incentives suggested by ARS Holidays Pvt. Ltd will be loaded with exciting entertainment, cultural performances, sumptuous food, theme parties, lots of fun, adventure, sports, festivities, amusing moments and much more… it happens only in India!

Conferences and Conventions: Conferences and conventions are an integral part of any corporate structure. These can take place in the form of training sessions, annual general meetings, pre-launching product strategies, or just a fun-filled vacation. ARS Holidays Pvt. Ltd does not envisage a major difference in an incentive program and an international convention or a corporate event. They all require a great deal of creative thinking and personalized attention. Customizing the details to meet individual objectives and budgets, like, site selections, promotional brochures, transportation, administration, communication, pre and post leisure tour packages, social events, spouse and children activities, gifts and on-site ARS Holidays Pvt. Ltd staff, are only a few details to maximize the end-result – motivating the participants.

ATI believes in quality, reliability, commitment to excellence and personalized attention. Having an established n ARS Holidays Pvt. Ltd network of professional organizations and individuals at home and abroad, our stability, buying power, professional approach and fine reputation are indeed your best assurance of quality service and value for money.
India – tourist and incentive destination

India is one of the most fascinating destinations around the globe where culture echoes, traditions speak, beauty enthralls and diversity delights.
Bounded by the majestic Himalayan ranges in the north and edged by a spectacular coastline surrounded by three seas, India is a vivid kaleidoscope of landscapes, Magnificent historical sights and royal Cities, golden beaches, misty mountains, colorful people, rich cultures and festivities. A bewildering variety of races, religions, cultures, languages and customs have, through long historic processes, produced a blending of cultural traditions and mores that speak of a great unity and manifold diversities. All this now is easily accessible to every traveler for study and enjoyment. Nowhere do the past and present coexist in more colorful promiscuity. India is still a living heritage - folklore, native arts and traditional events abound. A prodigious diversity of dress and manners keep the visitor constantly aware of a different World, with full-fledged modern technologies in flow all around the country.

India is a land of recreation, adventure and business – an interesting amalgamation of tradition and modernity. What else could deter anybody from choosing India as a tourist or an incentive destination?

Standards of Excellence
Arrangements in this vast and fascinating land do not always function like clockwork. But the richness of its culture and the hospitality of its people will outweigh any possible discomforts. Above all, ARS Holidays Pvt. Ltd will pave the way to make your dream a reality.

Hotels: India offers an unusual variety of hotels to suit individual budgets and life-style. ARS Holidays Pvt. Ltd recommends the hotels based on their service, comfort, ambience and location. Almost all hotels have private facilities, except when one is on an adventurous expedition.

Transport: Traveling by air around the country is convenient and comfortable. Domestic air services are operated by the government corporation, Air India, and a number of other private airline companies. India has the largest rail network in Asia and the second largest in the World. A large network of highways make road transport the main means of travel after the railways. A wide range of standard and deluxe cars and motor coaches are available to meet individual requirements and budgets.

Cuisine: The scent of spices and the taste of India’s many flavors will offer you a unique gastronomic experience. India food largely consists of meat and vegetables cooked in a spicy sauce known as curry. There are a number of such curry sauces of varying strengths. Throughout the country, the better hotels and restaurants serve a wide selection of Indian, Western and Chinese food.

Climate: India’s huge and varied topography means the climate varies from place to place quite markedly. Broadly speaking, India has a tropical climate, and with the exception of the Himalayan region, one can divide the year into three major seasons: summer (March to June), winter (November to February) and the monsoon (July to September).

Guides: ARS Holidays Pvt. Ltd has a panel of carefully chosen guides and tour escorts who have selected, as their profession, the fine art of making you feel at home. These guides and escorts are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of Indian life-styles. We have Spanish, Japanese, German, Italian and English speaking guides in our panel.

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