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FAQ’s about India:

FAQ’s about India:

1. How can I book a tour with ARS Holidays Pvt. Ltd?

Answer: It is very simple just create a user login ID and you can book any of the tour offered by ARS Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

2. What all is included in my tour?
Answer: The itineraries are listed with full tour details including sightseeing, all tours are on Bed and breakfast basis. All other meals are extra other than those specified in the itinerary.

3. Can a tour get cancelled?
Answer: The minimum number of guest needed to guarantee a tour to operate is two Passengers and following below this would result in the tour getting cancelled. There might be other reasons that a tour might be cancelled like natural calamities, floods, earth quake, and riots in the suggested destination.

4. Can a tour end up changing?
Answer: Yes a tour can be changed or be re-routed in case of flights schedule being changed or being cancelled. Hotels or other service providers being overbooked and are not able to service the client as promised as per agreement. In this case ARS Holidays Pvt. Ltd will provide suitable alternate in equal or higher category of hotels.

5. How can I pay once I have decided on which tour I want to go on?
Answer: there are two alternate modes of payment via bank transfer or Credit Card.

6. Do I have to pay in Rupees?
Answer: No, all rates are quoted in equivalent USD as per the conversion rate per-decided by ARS Holidays Pvt. Ltd and will be updated from time to time (on a monthly basis) however this may vary if the fluctuation is on a large scale.

7. Can I pay with my credit card?
Answer: Yes we have a payment gateway through with all payments can be made and your booking will be secured.

8. What is CVV number?
Answer: CVV number is a security number to make sure that no one other than who possesses the card and process a payment online.

9. Where is the CVV number on my credit card?
Answer: It is on the back side of your credit card and is a three digit number which is written after the last four digits of your credit card number.

10. How do I know that my credit card details are safe?
Answer: The payment gateway is a secure site and the details are not shared with any one even the company’s employees do not have access to the credit card details of any client.

11. Will I get a conformation number?
Answer: On securing the booking along with the payment made every client is issued a confirmation number for the booking made.

12. Will I get a boarding pass to inform me that I am confirmed on the tour?
Answer: Yes, the confirmation number issued is a boarding pass for the itinerary booked

13. How many people can I book under one name?
Answer: Only one person can be booked under one name as you must provide full travel document details as required by the company at the time of booking. The company reserves the right to call on any additional documents if needed. Incase of any faulty details being provided a client might be denied service by the service provider this may result in the client being excluded from the tour at his or her own cost and on refund would result for services denied due to faulty details provided.

14. How will I know that my tour is booked?
Answer: Once your tour is booked you will be issued a confirmation number and an email will be sent to you confirming your booking.

15. Once I have been given my confirmation do I have to re-confirm prior to departure?
Answer: You do not need to re-confirm your bookings once your confirmation number is given.

16. Do I need to provide my arrival details?
Answer: You must provide your arrival details for us to receive you one working day (between 1000Hrs and 1600Hrs IST) prior to your arrival in India. Incase of details not being provided by you, you will have to make your own way to the hotel designated to you from the start of your tour.

17. What if I miss my flight and can’t start the tour with the group?
Answer: You will be assisted to join the group from the middle of the tour however the cost for transporting you to the group will have to be borne by you and no refund will be given for the part missed.
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